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Since 6-29-05

What is the M.A.R.K.S. Club?

M.A.R.K.S. stands for Miniature Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society (AMA Charter 133) - Behind this name there is an active RC Model club that is located in the San Bernardino - Redlands - Highland area in Southern California. Currently we have one main flying field but also some additional places where we fly our models, ranging from electric slow fliers, scale and IMAC planes, pylon racers, over helicopters and 3D planes to turbine powered jets.
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Photo of the Moment

Photo of the Moment
The "Photo of the Moment" is a new section on our webpage. - If you have encountered something special in context with your club activities send an image with some text to our webadmin and we will post it as quickly as possible. The goal is to have a new picture here every few days. Anything club or RC flying related goes!
Summer Time!

6/24/2013 - Jeff Lawver took this picture while on vacation on a beach in SoCal.
"I was just relaxing at the beach during a recent camping trip when I happened to remember that my EasyStar was in the back seat of my truck. I grabbed it plugged it in and off I went into the sunset. What a life!" Jeff

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News Flash

7-16-2015: RC MARKS Club on Facebook

Larry Aycock took over our Facebook page (Thanks!) - Please check it out, search for "MARKS on Facebook" on every page and click that link to access or share content related to our club, field, and the hobby in general. Please check with Larry if you need help or if you would like to contribute.

5-14-2015: Runway closed this coming weekend (May 16. - 17.)

We are resurfacing our runway on Saturday, May 16th, therefore, the field is closed for any flying over the weekend. Light usage (e.g., foamies) might be permitted on Monday. We will send out an e-mail or post any news in this context here. - Thanks for your understanding.

12-7-2014: Newsletter and Christmas Party

Mike published another issue of our Newsletter, you can fetch it from the usual place online. Our Christmas Party will be at the Highland Senior Center this coming Thursday (12/11) starting at 7:00PM. If you can come a bit earlier to help prepare for the party that would be greatly appreciated. Additional information can be found in our December newsletter.

11-30-2014: Greenspot is back open!

The construction on Greenspot road is completed and our field is again accessible. There is a new gate (map will follow) out our MARKS lock should be in place. Please be carefull to use the locking mechanism careful (there are two locks) so that nobody gets locked in.
Jeff and Russell installed our BBQ grill. Thanks a lot guys!!!

10-22-2014: IMPORTANT: Greenspot is closed until for all access until further notice!

We got news today that because of the ongoing construction of the new road at Greenspot the entire borrow pit area is closed for the public as of tomorrow and until the construction is completed (Beginning of November). We are currently trying to find a solution to give us access, but for now Greenspot is closed. Please check your e-mail or the web page for an update.

10-7-2014: Newsletter and Meeting

The October newsletter is posted and ready for download,
and this week on Thursday, October 9th we will have our regular club meeting at the usual place in Highland.

7-9-2014: Tomorrow's Club Meeting (7/10/14) has been canceled!

5-10-2014: Field Day May 17th & Field Closure May 16-18

On Saturday 17. May we will clean up our field in Greenspot and patch up the runway. Please refer to the e-mail that was sent out in this respect for more details. The field will be closed all day from Friday to Sunday because of the Hangar 24 AirFest which takes place at the Redlands Airport.

4-2-2014: Newsletter and Meeting

Mike Griffin wrote another great newsletter with lots of pictures from the last night fly and March meeting. Be sure to check it out and support Mike by contributing pictures and stories for upcoming editions. Try it out, it is actually quite fun.
Also next week on Thursday, April 10th will be the date for our regular meeting, this time with a guest speaker from Graupner, a German RC manufacturer with a long tradition in Europe.

3-10-2014: Newsletter and Meeting

Our freshly elected Newsletter Editor Mike Griffin has put together a great first newsletter! Don't miss out on checking it out before coming to the meeting, which will be held this week on Thursday, March 13th, at the usual place (the Highland Senior Center) at the usual time (19:00).

1-20-2014: Highland YMCA Run Sunday January 26th, 2014

The annual Highland YMCA Run is scheduled for next Sunday, January 26th. During the race Greenspot Road is closed and such there is no access to our field. The race starts early in the morning and lasts until around lunch time. If you want to fly on Sunday, you have to be at the field before 6AM and you will have to stay there until the race is over. MARKS will have a water station right across the red gate.

11-13-2013: Newsletter, November Meeting, and Fun Fly & BBQ

Joe's November newsletter is posted online, ready for download.
Our last monthly meeting of his year will be held on Thursday, Nov. 14th at the Highland Senior Center as usual at 19:00.

Fun Fly & BBQ: Don't miss out! Our last flying event this year is on Saturday Nov. 16th in Greenspot. Please echk the newsletter for additional details.

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Upcoming Events

Warbirds Over Gilman Springs - June 1st, 2013

"The 2013 "Sparks Over Gilman Springs" All Electric Fly-in Event will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Awards will be given for Best Warbird, Best Civilian, Best Sport, Best Park Flyer (Wingspan 39" or less), and People's Choice. "Best Park Flyer" is a new award category for this event, so bring out those little ones too ...

Bob Estrella (Gilman Springs RC Flyers)